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Club Membership


  We are not your usual sort of Rotary club

Rotary in Langollen has changed

so we are a new club in the "new style" of Rotary:

  • no attendance requirement - we are pleased to see you when you can get along.

  • no weekly meals to pay for.

  • no dress code.

  • none of the usual Rotary trapping and formalities.    

  • fully inclusive. Open to ALL over the age of 18years and that includes couples.

 Join Leaders …. Exchange Ideas ….. Take Action

                                                                                                                              Rotary members are a very friendly group of individuals of all ages and walks of life who share a common interest in local community service,

making a difference to those in need - and we have a lot of fun doing it.

     A new style of Rotary for a new generation ......

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To work alongside the Vale of Llangollen Rotary and be covered by the Rotary insurance it will cost just £10 per year

  • Work beside a local Rotary club

  • Promote sustainable solutions to community needs

  • Support community members in addressing community needs while recognising their unique ability to identify pressing concerns and appropriate solutions 

  • Develop partnerships between Rotarians and non-Rotarians in a joint effort to strengthen the community

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 You may just want to Join The Rotary Club

Rotary is proud to welcome you to our global community of more than 1.2 million men and women dedicated to building a better world.

You make Rotary stronger. By adding your skills, experience, and enthusiasm to your club, you can advance communities at home and on a global scale. Together, we can eradicate polio, train more skilled peacemakers, and provide lasting solutions for communities fighting disease, hunger, illiteracy, and poverty.

Through the Rotary community, you can exchange ideas and build lifelong friendships with people who share your passion for service. Take advantage of the resources and activities available through your club, district, and Rotary International to make your experience with Rotary both rewarding and fun.

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