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Safe Place Scheme

Our Safe Place Scheme gives vulnerable people a place to go if they are feeling lost, scared or confused when out in their local community.

You will be looked after by people who care and they will get help from someone you trust.

All businesses who are part of the scheme will display a Safe Place sticker in their window.


Supported nationally by Police, Social Services etc

The Safe Place scheme provides reassurance to vulnerable people and their carers, or people who find themselves in challenging situations, so that they can live more independent lifestyles knowing that there is help available when they are out and about.


The scheme offers a way to alert someone of any potential risk or emergency if a vulnerable person is out alone. Consequently, having access to a 'Safe Place' will help vulnerable residents lead independent lives and feel safe.

If a vulnerable person seeks help, members of staff would be expected to make a phone call where necessary to the trusted person on the card (if carried) or to one of the numbers on an emergency contact list provided to the premises. They would also reassure and keep the vulnerable person safe until the situation was resolved.

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