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Our Rotary has created a Rotaract (Rotary in Action) "partner club" as a unique hybrid community club to maximise its Rotary effect and minimise members subscriptions.
We will work together "as one" for the mutual benefit of the members and for our community.........

Why is it a "hybrid" club?


Vale of Llangollen Rotary has created and sponsored a club within a club. Rotaract isn't a Rotary club in itself. Rather, it falls under the umbrella of Rotary. As a Rotaract club, the club subscription is just £10 per year per person against £10 per month per person to be in our Rotary club.

Any prospective member can decide for themselves if they wish to join our Rotary club as a full Rotarian or to join our new Rotaract club.

This means that the cost of serving the community and being part of the family of Rotary is no longer such a block to joining us. Something that is more important in the current financial crisis and easier for couples to become members without the greater financial burden in these difficult times.


Apart from the cost differential, a Rotaract club acts and performs in every other way as any Rotary club and has the same values.

Our combined Rotary and Rotaract club very much looks forward to the combined meetings, working together, supporting one another and to serve our communities locally, nationally and internationally in joint enterprise....

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