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The Rotary Community Team is a group of non-Rotarians who share our commitment to improve our world through community projects.

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As a Community Team member with our Rotary, you automatically become part of the official Rotary Community Corps (RCC) programme. Members aren't Rotarians but support the aims of Rotary and this programme falls under the umbrella of Rotary.

Members are flexible partners in service with Rotary and RCC members plan and carry out projects in their communities and work on local Rotary club projects. Sponsored by a Rotary club, the RCC leverages Rotary’s network, brand and mentorship by partnering with us to plan and implement service projects. RCCs increase Rotary’s impact and expand its reach by bringing the knowledge and talents of local people to strengthen their community through sustainable projects.

There are more than 11,000 corps in 105 countries and RCCs are active everywhere Rotary is present: in urban and rural areas and in both developed and developing countries.

  • Work beside a local Rotary club

  • Promote sustainable solutions to community needs

  • Support community members in addressing community needs while recognising their unique ability to identify pressing concerns and appropriate solutions 

  • Develop partnerships between Rotarians and non-Rotarians in a joint effort to strengthen the community

Program Goals

This is Rotary in Action and a new way of working. The Rotary club and the Community Team will be meeting together, working together and playing together to make a difference in Llangollen and the vale villages...

To be part of the Rotary family, to work alongside the Vale of Llangollen Rotary and be covered by the Rotary insurance will cost just £10 per Rotary year (1st July to 30 June) pro rata.

Contact us at to find out more about joining this Community programme

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